Determining how to migrate to an LTE backhaul in the most cost-effective way in order to support and deliver new mobile data services whilst maintaining legacy architecture

With the demand for high-speed data services at an all time high and increasing numbers of mobile broadband subscribers, find out how the backhaul can be used as a strategic asset to successfully provide the capacity required to support LTE. With mobile operators all facing the key challenge of achieving migration to LTE Backhaul whilst continuing to provide legacy services, discover how to develop a secure and seamless implementation and migration strategy that also allows for future backhaul evolution.

With insights from leading mobile operators across Europe, network with senior transmission and backhaul experts who will help you identify which strategies are going to enable the most cost-efficient backhaul migration path whilst delivering optimum QoS and reliability of both 3G and LTE services.

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Backhaul networks now and tomorrow: Mobitel Slovenia insight

What are the key challenges facing operators today in relation to their backhaul networks? What services in the future will customers demand over LTE networks? Peter Zidar, Head of the Standardisation office for Mobitel Slovenia, provides valuable free insight from his perspective, ahead of his presentation at this year’s conference.

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The Art of Backhauling

Roberto Micali, Senior Network Engineer, Telecom Italia, discusses how directing mobile traffic is not so much a science, but an art. Drawing on the aspects of synchronization, Carrier Ethernet, and maintaining legacy services during a migration, Roberto provides succinct thoughts on the beauty of backhauling.

Leading mobile operators from across Europe will answer your key questions:

  • How can I prepare the backhaul so that it meets LTE requirements?
  • How can I maintain existing infrastructure and services whilst migrating to LTE backhaul?
  • How can I forecast what services will need to be delivered over an LTE backhaul and plan an effective evolution path?
  • How can I successfully make a cost-effective transition from a TDM backhaul to an Ethernet based backhaul?
  • How can I ensure synchronisation over new packet architecture?
  • Who you will meet at LTE Backhaul?

“This conference will provide helpful information on LTE backhaul and defining a network strategy for the next generation of mobile broadband”

Philippe-Herbelin Philippe Herbelin
Orange France Telecom

“Key questions mobile operators face on the way to LTE and beyond will be addressed during this conference”

Peter_Zidar Peter Zidar
Mobitel Slovenia

Don’t miss the tailor made Pre- & Post - Conference Workshops at LTE Backhaul:

  • Pre-Conference Workshop: Monday 11th April 2011, 09.30 - 17.00
    Establishing how to develop an end-to-end strategy to ensure the effective migration to LTE backhaul
  • Post-Conference Workshop: Thursday 14th April 2011, 09.30 - 17.00
    Understanding and evaluating the different technical solutions that can enable a successful migration to an all-IP backhaul

LTE Backhaul workshops

Who you will meet at LTE Backhaul?

Telcoms IQ's LTE Backhaul conference will bring together mobile telecoms operators from across Europe. Come and meet:

  • Heads of Transmission
  • Heads of Transport Networks
  • Senior Network Engineers
  • Directors of Network Architecture
  • Senior Transport Planning Managers
  • Heads of Network Design
  • Directors of Backhaul Network
  • Heads of Broadband Access & IP

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